Parker Duofold DuoVac Blue Edition

I was so enamoured by my green parker duofold that I sought out a blue one. I find it very hard to get a picture in my mind of relative sizes of the different models, I know there’s measurements available online, but if I don’t see them in a hand for scale it doesn’t mean much to me.

Parkers_ Blue_Green

Parker Blue_green_Barrel


So there was a level of anticipation as to how this Lady model would fare next to my Deb model. I expected it to be largely similar, with a Deb being a Debutante lady in my mind.

Pleasantly surprised to find the Lady (right) is considerably bigger!

Duofold size


Duofold Size_Lady_Deb

Big enough to use unposted in my hand, which is my general writing preference. I always worry about damage to the barrel when posting, either scratches or what if ink has leaked into the cap and then I transfer it onto the barrel by jamming it on.

Parker Lady Hand

Although these pens are clearly designed to be posted- it’s too sleek and streamlined, and well weighted not to be part of the design.

Lady Parker Posted



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