Deli 0635 Pencil Sharpener – Can you Love A Sharpener?

Is it Ok to love a sharpener. As in, I get stirrings deep inside my chest when I crank this handle.

deli 0635 sharpener

I learnt about the Deli 635 from pencil blog Bleistift, who has an excellent comparison table of sharpener angles.

I purchased my first Deli on account of this table, and then experiencing it in real life, quickly ordered another (international packages) to have one at home and in the office. Nothing compares.

Enough- lets see the evidence.

long point_Deli

long point_long

Long point on a Palomino Blackwing 725- created using the crank sharpener.

Vs alternative single blade sharper also offered – though why anyone would use it when the crank does such a an awesome job. Standard, stubby, short point.

point_long and short

The wood shavings are very fine and captured in a draw for easy disposal. Significant capacity I empty once every 6 months with regular use.


The other thing I like- it’s flattering



No Deli 0635 – why are YOU so gorgeous



3 thoughts on “Deli 0635 Pencil Sharpener – Can you Love A Sharpener?

      1. Thanks. To be honest I used to think it would be nice if more people read more blog, but if I think what strange things the famous stationery bloggers and vloggers get sent I think I prefer to stay small and will not pursue getting more readers anymore. Just to put it in context, if you look at the number of viewers the big blogs get >100x more than Bleistift.
        Change of topic, I’m happy I found your blog and will certainly keep visiting.


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