Parker DuoFold DuoVac Stripey Slender Smooth Satisfaction

Duo Fold Duo Vac

A new pen has arrived – and it was posted wrapped up like no ones business from the Aussie Ebay seller- so great to see!

This is a vintage Parker Duofold, known also as the DuoVac as it has a vacuum filler.

The photos are all in the deepest shade of my garden- the Aussie sun is just too bright for the luminous features of this beauty. The chickens even got drawn to it.

duovac and chicken

I had a parker duo vac before, a red and grey version, purchased on ebay but it never filled so it was a dip pen and when I did a cull it went back out into the ebay wild. I thought about how nice that nib was and when I saw this restored version come up on ebay my sentimental side got the better of me.

It’s the debutante size, which is smaller, lady like. It’s quite the change from my regular full size pens, but as someone who also uses pencils- my grip can adjust.

I don’t usually post my pens, but this one is small enough that it really needs to be posted for my hand. I’m a lady, but I do have medium to large hands.

duo vac unposted
Unposted – length is just adequate
posted length
Posted length more user friendly


The pen has a cap covering the button fill for the vacuum system. I got a really large fill on this, I experimented by watering down by 30% a navy blue ink, putting 2x converters full of ink and 1x of water into a vial and then filling from there. I’ve found some inks look nicer with the saturation taken down a peg. Around 4 pushes of the vac button and those 3x converters (lamy converter) worth of ink were sucked right up.

Duovac mechanism


duovac uncapped


I love this pen. The material has a glow to it, lit from within. It reminds me of the Pelikan Tortishells and Raden’s that I will forever lust over.

It does come in a few different colours and sizes – my pinterest board is a great enabler! So – more to come over the years, but I’ll hold out for already restored versions.

Writing sample- nice fine line, this is on Life paper, and the ink is my watered down Robert Oster Midnight Sapphire.

DuoVac Writing Sample


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