Sheaffer Balance II Amber Glow Fountain Pen

Sheaffer Balance II Amber Glow

This Sheaffer Balance is my newest acquisition. I have a thing for the modern (90’s) Sheaffer balances, I have 3 and am not opposed to acquiring the remainder of the colourways, and it would be a dream to find a stub nib or broad that I could have customized.

My Balance collection numbering 3 is conveniently housed in a NockCo Lookout, and because I’m a pen user rather than collector, it’s a handy case to keep them inked and on hand.

Sheaffers in Nock

sheaffer balance grass

I’ll have to delve into more detail later about collecting vs acquiring. I have an analytical background as a scientist and I tend to over think things, go deep rather than go wide.

Back to this Sheaffer Amber Glow –

What I love about this pen is the shape. It’s very much like another of my favourite pens, the Edison Herald. The wide, smooth cigar shape with tapered ends is very comfortable in the hand. I also like how the threads are soft and there is no step back from the section to the barrel. And that’s important because even though I pose for the hand scale shot with a conventional grip- when I get going my thumb tends to creep back and wrap around in a configuration that conjures images of kindergarten kids and crayons…

sheaffer amber hand scale


sheaffer amber threads

I inked this one up in J Herbin Gris Nuage, it has a F nib and leaves a small dark line. It struck me how much like a pencil line it was and given I do like a bit of woodcase, I had a lightbulb moment that perhaps I’d acquire a few grey inks and see if I could replicate pencil tones with FP inks.

sheaffer amber writing

sheaffer amber writing 2

Turns out the ink has a bluer undertone to the H and F grades than I expected.  Still- I’ll pursue the grey inks, and will definitely continue using this Sheaffer as it’s the only F nib of the 3 and is a great writer for my everyday notebook writing.


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