Rotring Trio Multipen

Rotring Multi_ele

When I first thought ” Maybe I’ll get into pens”

I was thinking about this Rotring Trio Multipen.

1996 – my dad gave me one for my sixteenth birthday. He wouldn’t have known Rotring from Bic. He would have gone into the little office store in our small outback town and known it was special because of the price tag and that it was inside the glass case. I do remember him telling me it was “a good pen”.

I used it exclusively for my remaining 2 years in high school, with lots of “whoas!” and into Uni where I felt like less of an imposter when I whipped out my grown ups pen.

Being a multipen- it has blue and red ballpoints, along with a mechanical pencil. It did it all. The knurled grip and wider section made writing for long periods easier.

The blue ran out maybe a year into Uni. It languished in the drawer of my desk for a while, until one day – and I remember it, because even in that moment I knew it was something to remember – I THREW IT OUT.

Into the bin. Went to the dump. Hidden in general waste never to be seen again.

The sad reflection of youth- I didn’t know what to do. I suspected that “a good pen” could be refilled, but I assumed it would cost hundreds of dollars, which as a student I did not have. I also did not have any form of transportation to find a “fancy pen store”, and even 2 years in I was still terrified of the big city and didn’t want to try.

In honour of the 90’s I took my photos against a dark floral dress


Fast forward to 2015 and a more mature girl considers that pen’s may be a cool hobby, and flashes back to that one “good pen” she used to have. The one her dad gave her. The one that was witness to the most turbulent late teen and young adult years.

Once I googled it and discovered they were no longer made the same, and vintage versions fetched a pretty penny I felt even worse.

So I paid some penance and tracked one down. Came all the way to Australia from Germany via Ebay (though I guess they all came from Germany originally).




These days I don’t use it often. My ever refined pen tastes have gone from ballpoint to fountain, and when I need something quicker I tend to use a pencil. I notice the nuances like a little play in the tip and a little jiggle of internal parts, and these annoy me.

Still, I’ll hold onto it this time round.



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