Vintage Australian Staedtler Mars Lumograph H Pencil

I like a lot of things- fountain pens, graphite pencils, and the lifestyle we are so blessed to have here in Australia.

Aussie Mars Lumographs
Aussie Mars Lumographs


I came across these at work, Staedtler Mars Lumographs. Quality pencil. Bonus when I see they’re made in Australia. That means they’re old. Sadly Staedtler seemed to stop manufacturing around the late 90’s in Australia, but my dates could be wrong.

I work at a mining company which has been in operation for over 100 years. Back in the heyday money was spent like water, and the operation had entire departments dedicated to drafting and drawing. Every now and then my heart skips a beat when I open a random drawer.

vintage pencil heaven

I have almost a full box of these Aussie Mars Lumographs. When I first realized that they were in the category of “Don’t Make Them Anymore” I went out the next day to hit the office supply and newsagent’s of the small town I live and work in, on the hunt to save as many pieces of Australian made pencils as I could find.

Sadly- no more Mars, but I did find a bunch of Staedtler Traditions and Columbia Copperplates that are made in Oz. I guess pencils don’t turn around all that quickly in a small outback town, I was amazed how many I was able to acquire.


The 3B Copperplate is my ALL TIME favourite pencil. Better than any pencil that I’ve ordered in from overseas, better than my mitsubishi’s and tombows, and palominos. It deserves it’s own post, so enough said for now.

I found another old Mar’s pencil in one of these treasure drawers. I suspect it’s older again, with different fonts and logos. It’s also got a wider girth.

img_449417H font

I was so excited when I picked it up – it was so different. 7H. Seven H.

Now I know how it’s survived for probably 40-50 years in the pencil draw. It’s a useless pencil- so light! What did they ever use it for!

ghost writer


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